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Our first EP, released with GWB Records. physical copies of cassette available from guyswithbeardsrecords[dot]bigcartel[dot]com


released March 21, 2013

Recorded and Mastered at Ciaran Parnell Studios MMXIII



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Boardwalk Ireland

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Track Name: Letting Go
These Sunday mornings have never felt so cold
But I still find myself walking further up your road.
A ghost still haunts these streets,
Still takes me from my dreams.
And I can't hold much longer

It's just a thought but I'm letting go,
Of everything that I used to know.
But I can't hold much longer.

I'm tired of thinking so chemically
These seasons slowly change me.
The rain beats down my window, the trees are shedding leaves.
I think I should be shedding every inch of me.

For twenty something years we've been separated
I still feel this separation.
Track Name: Wasted Time
I'm getting tired again and my sight is slowly fading in the rain.
I wish you could explain to me, how I started of with something and I ended up with nothing.

Wasted time and shallow eyes (I've nowhere left to fall)
I've grown tired of slowly sinking.
So leave my mind and let me sleep again tonight,
Where your eyes will never reach me and your heart will never keep me.

I'm down and out.
Just another burden left to call your own.
I wish you could explain to me, how I gave you all that I could give but never got another year.

It's just a lie, another lie to keep me by your side.
Now life's to tough to handle.
Track Name: Unnatural Colour
Paint me as you see.
Change me as you please.
Lie to me so I'll never know the truth and how you feel.
I'll swallow every word and do just as I'm told,
So you can mould my skin and bones deserving of my worth.

This time it's better left unsaid.
Leave it running through my head.
I'll shut my eyes tonight.
Turn down all my lights.
Just say you'll meet me somewhere.

Tear me up inside.
I'll swallow all my pride.
I'll take what you can give and live with all your sins.
If you ever leave, I'll sail on tortured seas.
Say you'll meet me somewhere and I will wait for you there.
Track Name: Inheritance
You said I would always follow your road.
How right you were.
I regret every single step.
You are the architect of my self destruction.
A painful reminder of my minds corruption.
I'm not proud.
I'm trying to stand down.
Anything to take me from the grey of this town.
Track Name: Bones
I must have missed my chance to turn and run,
And every step I took reminded me of home.
There's a light outside my house that only shines when you are gone.
Still the need to up and leave goes on and on and on.

I can't sustain this.

Something's shaking all my bones and time can only take it's toll for so long.
Until that day, when you grow tired of digging up skeletons.
Hide them away until the time is right to deal with them.
Some days I wish I was miles from home so I could write and tell you stories of how much I've grown.

Still the need to up and leave goes on and on and on.

I saw your spirit pacing down the hall last night.
I watched you breath get cold and clearer as every footstep brought you nearer.
I tried to shut my eyes and look away and pray that you were gone.
Still the need to up and leave goes on and on and on.